By Freedom Farms LLC

  1. DK Smoke N' Mirrors
  2. Bledsoe's Red Lace & Satin
  3. MH Doll
  4. DK Southern Divinity
  5. Nicki
  6. JWest's Little Elvis
  7. DK Blue Jeans N'Pearls
  8. DK Gunpowder & Lace
  9. Villines Jillian
  10. Ruthie
  11. Tabitha
  12. Dapples

ABOJust Who IS Freedom Farms LLC?

Freedom Farms LLC is owned and operated by Sally & Warren Coad and is located in Philadelphia, Tennessee which is a tiny speck of a town in southeast TN halfway between Chattanooga and Knoxville.  

Freedom Farms LLC has been in existance since 1990 and started as the business name for co-owner Sally Coad as part of her equine training and muscle therapy business whose slogan was "Freedom from Pain ~ Freedom of Movement".., that slogan pretty much defines how we feel about raising and caring for animals of all species.  We started our registered cattle business in 1995 but our cattle are not just a business venture - they are part of our family and our compassion and determination for their wellbeing is paramount. 

Freedom Farms LLC are  nationally (and internationally) recognized as a premiere breeder of dual purpose Dexter Cattle and we have just recently (2017) started our venture with British White Parks.  Our goal is to breed small to medium frame homozygous polled British Whites with exceptional dispositions, muscling and dairy qualities keeping to the true form of dual purposity.  We are also breeding for the A2 milk protein gene though this goal may take several generations of FF born British White Parks to achieve in totality. 

If you would like more information on our Dexter Cattle please scroll down below and visit our Dexter Website. Almost all of our 70+ Dexters are triple registered with the PDCA, Legacy and ADCA Dexter Cattle Registries.  We will be crossbreeding some of our Dexters with the British Whites to improve some of the qualities of the Dexters and to make for a hearty small frame F1 cross. 


  1. FF Freedom's Galaxy
    FF Freedom's Galaxy
    My favorite Dexter bull of all times! He represents what we breed for in all of our cattle. Temperament, conformation, homozygous polled and A2. We sell semen from many of our bulls on our Dexter site (and soon this site as well!)
  2. Showing
    We enjoy showing but w/adding our BW shows to our schedule - our Dexter show schedule may lessen. We appreciate getting professional non biased opinions on our stock and strive to improve what we can. We are excited about getting the Whites in the Ring!
  3. The Club
    The Club
    In March 2017 we founded the Dexter Cattle Club of Tennessee and offer support and information for all cattle owners. We run educational clinics, seminars and workshops as well as marketing advice. You can read more on the Club site.
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