By Freedom Farms LLC

  1. DK Smoke N' Mirrors
  2. Bledsoe's Red Lace & Satin
  3. MH Doll
  4. DK Southern Divinity
  5. Nicki
  6. JWest's Little Elvis
  7. DK Blue Jeans N'Pearls
  8. DK Gunpowder & Lace
  9. Villines Jillian
  10. Ruthie
  11. Tabitha
  12. Dapples

Freedom Farms LLC
Home of British White Parks
in Southeast Tennessee

British White Park cattle are often confused with  the Ancient White Park horned cattle but in reality the confusion really lies in the coloration.  

British White Parks exhibit far different physical and temperament characteristics than the Ancient White Parks.  

British White Parks are a polled, dual purpose breed with calm workable temperaments and can range in size from small Frame Size to very large Frame size.  There is a size of BWs for everyone to love!

Here at Freedom Farms we have small frame bulls and small to mid frame sized females with a large frame female thrown in here and there.

Whether you call them British Whites or British White Parks we are all on the same page - and all love this beautiful breed of cattle!

We embrace the dual purpose of the breed.

Our animals are halter broken and most of them are shown and when they are in milk will be milk trained.